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300T backpack lifting Heavy-load AGV

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With the advancement of Industry 4.0, AGVs are indispensable in the fields of smart factories and intelligent logistics. With their safety, reliability, high flexibility, and high efficiency, AGV can efficiently complete material handling and transfer, achieve unmanned production, transportation, and storage, reduce accident rates and labor intensity, greatly reduce logistics costs for enterprises, and improve economic benefits.


Project Background

The project is located in India and is mainly used for the transportation of castings from wind power casting factories.

When wind power takes a bigger step forward, what supports it behind the scenes? From 2 megawatts to 5 megawatts and even 15 megawatts, it grows from a giant to a behemoth.

Behind the great strides of humanity is the upgrading of the entire industry chain, with the tonnage of castings constantly increasing to the level of 300 tons. For a time, the transportation of large items became a difficult problem. Firstly, it was heavy, and secondly, it was of huge size, which posed a great challenge to the existing equipment in the factory. When wind power giants collectively faced difficulties and attempted to seek solutions in China, a Tianjin enterprise called Lonyu Robot stepped forward. With their accumulation in heavy-duty material transportation technology, they provided the answer with ultra heavy load level vehicles.


Weight and Oversize Problem

Castings are usually large in volume and heavy in weight, which requires the use of special handling equipment and methods. Improper handling of equipment or methods may result in equipment damage, injury to personnel, or damage to castings.

Transport After Heat Treatment

Some castings require heat treatment, such as quenching or tempering, and immediate transportation may have special requirements for transportation equipment due to high temperatures, which also poses a safety hazard to operators.

Logistics efficiency and cost control

The transportation of large castings often requires more space and time. How to efficiently plan the transportation path, reduce waiting and handling time, is the key to improving overall production efficiency.

The cost of purchasing and maintaining heavy handling equipment, as well as the cost of special packaging materials, are all significant expenses. How to effectively control costs while ensuring safety and quality is a major challenge.

Low level of automation & risks

Compared to other manufacturing industries, the automation level of casting factories may be lower, especially in the transportation process where manual operations are still common, which increases labor costs and may affect transportation efficiency and safety. The dust, noise, and potential fall risks generated during the transportation of castings pose a threat to the factory environment and employee safety, and effective protective measures need to be taken.


Product Features

To solve these long-standing pain points, Lonyu Robot takes its own technology as the core, fully leverages its advantages, and combines with the actual situation of customers to develop comprehensive solutions.

Automatic Centering

Multiple laser distance sensors are installed on both sides of the level car body, which can detect the position relationship between the shelves and the level car in real time. During the process of entering the shelves, the operator only needs to control the front and back movement of the level car without controlling the direction. After testing, the success rate of this function is 100%.

Smart distance measuring

In this project, the customer's requirement is to place the shelves as close to the wall as possible. Moreover, with a large number of shelves and large dimensions, relying on human judgment for distance not only poses safety risks but also results in poor accuracy. The Lonyu level car is equipped with a distance detection radar at the rear of the car, which can detect the distance between the level car and the wall in real time during the reverse process, and can achieve automatic deceleration and parking. It is easy to use and user-friendly!


Smart climate control

The project is located in India, with extremely high ambient temperatures. On hot summer days, the highest temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius. This is extremely demanding for the stable operation of electronic components. For this purpose, our company has specially developed an intelligent cooling system consisting of specially designed air ducts and AC. It can effectively reduce the temperature of the components inside the car by up to 15 degrees Celsius.


The first overseas project is a milestone for any enterprise. It is not only an expansion of sales territory, but also an important node in the brand's internationalization journey. This order not only carries the ambition of Lonyu Robot to explore new markets, but also profoundly affects its subsequent market strategy, brand influence, and position in the global supply chain.


Firstly, from a market strategy perspective, the success of the first overseas order signifies that Lonyu Robot' products and services have been recognized by the international market, providing valuable data and experience for the enterprise.

Secondly, successful cases are proof of the strength of Lonyu Robot, which can attract more attention from overseas partners and investors, paving the way for brand internationalization. In the long run, this will help build a global brand influence, enhance brand image and value, and promote the further development of the global layout of Lonyu

The breakthroughs in a series of technical difficulties not only demonstrate the overall strength of Lonyu Robot, but also promote the overall level of the industry chain, creating a one-stop solution that runs through research and development, verification, and implementation support, thereby driving the development of the entire industry, promoting the continuous optimization and performance improvement of heavy-duty robot products, better serving the enterprise, and bringing greater benefits to the enterprise!


The reason why Lonyu Robot can innovate at high speed is inseparable from its high-speed response thinking and the spirit of continuous breakthroughs.

Lonyu Robot always takes technological research and development as the lead, constantly exploring breakthroughs in robot structure, high-performance driving units, collaborative control algorithms, intelligent control software, modularity and scalability, safety and reliability, and innovative logistics solutions. In addition, Lonyu Robot Co., Ltd., the only leading company in the field of industrial robots, and 41 leading domestic enterprises in the field, have jointly formulated the group standard "Technical Specification for Heavy Duty Industrial Application Mobile Robots", which has been officially released.

In the future, Lonyu Robot will continue to deepen the innovation and application of AGV heavy-duty robots in more industries, adhering to the concept of "professionalism, focus, pragmatism, and development", constantly innovating and striving for excellence. Through products and services, we aim to achieve mutual growth of customer value and enterprise value.


Tianjin Lonyu Robot is a heavy-duty AGV company which With focus, professionalism, pragmatism and development as its business philosophy.       



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