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07/ 16/ 2024
Lonyu AGV Made Headlines on TISlE Tianjin 2024

July 13, 2024 The highly anticipated 2024 International Shipping Exhibition has successfully concluded at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition provides valuable opportunities for communication and cooperation between Langyu Robotics and customers in the same industry and ar

06/ 14/ 2024
300T backpack lifting Heavy-load AGV

With the advancement of Industry 4.0, AGVs are indispensable in the fields of smart factories and intelligent logistics. With their safety, reliability, high flexibility, and high efficiency, AGV can efficiently complete material handling and transfer, achieve unmanned production, transportation, an

07/ 22/ 2024
Lonyu's Magapower- Successful Delivery of 600 Ton Ultra Heavy Load AGV

Recently, the acceptance ceremony of the 600 ton ultra heavy load AGV (automatic guided transport vehicle) independently developed by Tianjin Langyu Robot Co., Ltd. was held grandly at the Northwest Energy High end Equipment Manufacturing Base of Jiuquan Heavy Industry.Prior to this, the equipment h

07/ 03/ 2024
Lonyu Headlines | Lonyu Robot & China First Heavy Industries - 600-ton heavy-load AGV equipment acceptance ceremony was a huge success!

Recently, the 600-ton super-heavy-load AGV independently developed and produced by Langyu Robot was grandly held at the Northwest Energy High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base of Jiuquan First Heavy Industries. With the warm applause of all employees of China First Heavy Industries, our 600-ton super

06/ 24/ 2024
The 2024 Lonyu Robotics Q2 Global Launch Conference Is A Huge Success!

On June 21st, the World Intelligent Industry Expo (WIC) continued with excitement. On the second day of the exhibition,Lonyu Robotics grandly held the "2024 Lonyu Robotics Q2 Global Conference". At the conference, multiple heavyweight strategic agreements and special events were signed

07/ 01/ 2024
Lonyu Congratulates Tianjin International Land Port A Smooth Landing in Zhangjiawo

July 1st, the Tianjin-Moscow China Europe freight train slowly departs from Zhangjiawo, Tianjin, loaded with goods, heading towards Moscow, marking a comprehensive acceleration of the construction of Tianjin's regional logistics hub. In the context of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, China Europe



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