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The 2024 Lonyu Robotics Q2 Global Launch Conference Is A Huge Success!

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On June 21st, the World Intelligent Industry Expo (WIE) continued with excitement. On the second day of the exhibition, Lonyu Robotics grandly held the "2024 Lonyu Robotics Q2 Global Conference". At the conference, multiple heavyweight strategic agreements and special events were signed, further establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with global partners, continuing to work together  to promote the sustainable development of the heavy-duty industry.


At the press conference, Shan Chenxi, the General Manager of Lonyu Robotics International Marketing, as a representative, gave a detailed introduction to the company's core products and technologies to every leader and entrepreneur friend present, and introduced Lonyu's international development path. Their strong interest and professional spirit injected a continuous stream of vitality and unique charm into this grand event.


Strategic signing, continuously improving global market position!

At this signing ceremony, Lonyu Robotics was fortunate enough to invite Tianjin Deputy Mayor Zhu Peng and Director Yin Jihui to the scene to witness the signing of global strategic cooperation agreements between Lonyu Robotics, the vice chairman unit of the alliance, and Siemens and SEW. The visit of Vice Mayor Zhu Peng and Director Yin Jihui to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Alliance Cluster Exhibition for guidance is not only a support and recognition of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Alliance, but also points out the direction for the future work of the alliance and brings impetus.


Chinese logistics equipment enterprises must enter overseas markets in order to grow and strengthen. As a leading global provider of industrial automation and digital solutions, Siemens has rich experience and resources on a global scale. As a world-renowned transmission equipment supplier, SEW has excellent technical strength and market influence, mastering the core technology of German Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, and is the preferred supporting brand for high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment in China.

As a well-known logistics equipment enterprise in China, Lonyu Robotics adheres to the internationalization route. Taking this signing as an opportunity, the two sides establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, fully leverage the brand influence and resource advantages of both sides, continuously innovate and develop in business cooperation models, product equipment, technical support and other aspects, actively promote the implementation of the agreement content, jointly help the industry's intelligent manufacturing level continue to improve, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.


The international friends and Mexican partners that Lonyu Robotics met in Hanover visited and shared Mexico's international situation and entry advantages with the audience on site.


The Lonyu booth is bustling with people, and the audience is enthusiastic!

On the second day of the exhibition, the Lonyu booth was still bustling with people, and the audience's enthusiasm was high! Lonyu Robotics has won the attention and praise of numerous professional audiences on-site with its professional technical team and innovative products.


At this exhibition, Lonyu Robotics also received special interviews from Sohu Tianjin and the Cyberspace Administration. Lonyu not only showcased the powerful performance of its products, but also romantically combined the 200 ton "big block" with piano performance, attracting many visitors and manufacturers to stop and watch. 


Upstream and downstream enterprises, friends, and users on site flocked to consult professionals, exchange ideas, and seek new cooperation machines, creating a lively atmosphere.



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