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Lonyu Headlines | Lonyu Robot & China First Heavy Industries - 600-ton heavy-load AGV equipment acceptance ceremony was a huge success!

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Recently, the 600-ton super-heavy-load AGV independently developed and produced by Lonyu Robot was grandly held at the Northwest Energy High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base of Jiuquan First Heavy Industries. With the warm applause of all employees of China First Heavy Industries, our 600-ton super-heavy-load AGV slowly came to welcome its formal acceptance and was officially delivered to serve in the Northwest New Energy High-end Equipment Manufacturing Production Center.


Jiuquan First Heavy Industries Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "First Heavy Industries Jiuquan Company") is located in Nanyuan, Jiuquan Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a key investment attraction enterprise in Jiuquan City and has invested 1.5 billion yuan to build the Northwest New Energy High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base Project. The project covers an area of 384 acres and mainly constructs important components such as large-scale wind power supporting hubs, bases, main shafts, and 100-ton nuclear spent fuel tank production lines, etc., and introduces advanced manufacturing processes to achieve full-process automation and modular transportation.


"After the project is completed and put into production, it will produce 100,000 tons of large wind power castings and 100-ton nuclear spent fuel tank castings annually, meeting the demand for more than 1,000 wind power installations, and effectively improving the core manufacturing of wind power new energy technology equipment and regional complete machine supporting capabilities.


Lonyu's 600-ton heavy-duty AGV is 8.5 meters long, 4.54 meters wide, and 1.1 meters high. With a maximum load of 600 tons, the operating speed can reach 20 meters per minute and can climb a 5-degree slope, further improving the operational applicability of the vehicle and meeting the use requirements of most factory operations.


The 600-ton heavy-duty AGV of Lonyu was successfully rolled off the production line, meeting the demand for heavy-duty special equipment for the production operation of the new energy high-end equipment manufacturing base project to the greatest extent. The vehicle has been greatly improved in terms of controllability, passability and operational adaptability. The battery life is greater than 8 hours, and the charging time only takes 3 hours. It has the characteristics of flexibility and remote control, and can realize any action such as rotation, lateral movement, oblique movement, serpentine turning, etc.

Since its establishment in 2008, Lonyu Robot has gone through a glorious journey of 16 years. Lonyu has been famous for its excellent performance and design. Won the favor of the market. Now that the 600-ton heavy-load AGV has come off the production line, it marks an important step for Lonyu Robotics in the heavy-load field. This is not only a numerical milestone, but also Lonyu's firm commitment to high-quality production and user satisfaction!


Lonyu not only grows bigger and stronger in the domestic market, but also actively expands overseas markets with its own technical strength.

In 2024, Lonyu Robotics increased its investment in the international market, and successively participated in the Atlanta Logistics Exhibition in the United States, the Hannover Industrial Exhibition, the Russian Industrial Exhibition, the Saudi Energy Exhibition, and the Japanese Industrial Exhibition, actively expanding overseas markets, relying on its own technical accumulation and advantages in R&D, technology, software, product quality, etc., and has gained wide recognition in the international market.


With the continuous accumulation and improvement of its own strength, technical level, and professional experience, Lonyu has accelerated its entry into the international market from domestic to foreign countries. With the continuous expansion of the market, Lonyu Robotics' software and hardware are highly combined, coupled with professional industry solutions, and the gold content continues to increase, bringing Made in China and Lonyu Manufacturing to the world. Lonyu, the future will be more exciting, Moving the world!


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